Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love Prince

I love prince so much.

if you own any of these photos and want me to take them down just email me. or comment. I found all of these photos on google images so sorry I didn't mean to take your image I'll delete it if you want.

but yeah.

Prince O(-l-> forever <3


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I met an owl.

My life is the best.

I pet an owl. an owl guys...

an owl named Ruby.... probably the only female i've ever been in awe of. I heart you Ruby!

Ruby the owl

Ruby the owl

Its Hard to believe but thats probably the only thing of importance to update this blog with since last time... hahah since November.... wow. I guess I'm lazy and busy at work/school/life.

OH I'll post some drawings thats what I'll do...

Prime time of your life moleskine pages 49 and 50 another

moleskine pages 45 and 46 "dats"

moleskinee pages 51, 52

moleskine pages 37,38

Always and forever Moleskine pages 29,30

well those are the ones I like the best since last time.

But yeah I've been posting more regularly at my tumblr

ok well laters.

Melissa B

Thursday, November 17, 2011


its been sooooo long...

ok im just going to post lots of drawings i've made  then talk about random crap. haha...

Occtopi are so rad guys

moleskine 27, 28

moleskine 23, 24

moleskine 25, 26

moleskine 26

I'm so busy with school and work. I just Tumble most of the time because its so easy... I just add a shit ton of crap to my queue and then tell it when to post and It updates so nicely. I know i can do that here too but then i'd actually have to write something...

I started reading the boys by Garth Ennis because I love Preacher so much. But in the boys sometimes I think its just too much. like too much sex and too much guts.  Usually I like super action guts but it all seems like its just there for shock value. Still enjoying it though, had to skip a few pages because I didn't want to see some things but its ok gotta get into a teenage boy mindset to enjoy it all maybe.

DSCN0046 - Copy

yeah thats right. I had to get pulled out of the pit for the first time in my life. (I'm getting old..) the guy had to basically go into the pit and scoop me out with such force he fell on his ass once he got me.
I was pretty sore for a while but yeah it was an amazing experience. I thought I was gonna get trampled to death for a sec... was being pushed down by a sea of sweaty bodies. when i got pulled out It felt like i was being baptised... Born again to the music of my youth. I'm not christian by the way... Just theres no other way to describe it. thought i was dead then got plucked out of it all by a bouncer that I will forever love .
DSCN0056 - Copy

DSCN0052 - Copy


DSCN0072 - Copy

DSCN0076 - Copy

told u zombies were real



Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MERCURIUS FM 1997 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I really love Mercurius FM and the cool label Idiot House that the records out on. It was a total honour to make the art for them.

laters lovlies,

Mel B

Monday, June 13, 2011

you say updates i say updatoes.

Keith Haring <3
Wowww soooo longggggggggggggggggg

 well whatever not like anyone missed me on the bloggeries.

 Just some updates on whats up in the land of Mel.

First is that you can vote for / buy my submission to the Rochester Contemporary Art Centers Project 6X6X2011 Right HERE!!! All the proceeds are funds raised for the center. You can vote everyday and the top 3 get cash prizes.


I made some stickers for a project I participated in last year "Stick On Haring" put together in Italy by this awesome artist Stelleconfuse. This project is a homage to my favourite artist Keith Haring <3 .

so here are the main ones I'll be sending over for the Stick on Haring project you can also find them on my flickr :

ok so yeah thats about it for now. I mean there are a few other things that I want to talk about and am excited for (<3) but I'll leave that for another post.

see ya micheal. yeah. see ya billy,