Friday, November 26, 2010

Shuffle Nov 26th 2010

I put my dopi on shuffle:

1. "Dance So Fine" - Nijel
hahaI love this song. Its so cheesy and great. So much fun. The voice is on the verge of being angry and crying at the same time. Then comes in the demanding robot.  <3  honestly though. super fun.

2. "Heads will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeah's

I'm in love with Karen O. If I could be one other person in this world it would be her... this song is rad too. the video was pretty cute.

 3. "The Grid" - Daft Punk Tron soundtrack
.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 .... I mean.... <3

Love's Train4. "Too Tight"  - Con funk shun
Another great older song. This one isn't as cheesy but still super fun. The guitars are dancy and the lyrics are way cute.

Million dollar feelin', comes all over my bodeh! oh finger too the ceiling! so in love with you honey. <3

5. "Don't Make Me Over" - Dionne Warwick

Gosh the all of the class left in the world resides all in Miss Dionne Warwick.

This was a shitty blog sorry. It was fun for me though... so there.

I haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie yet.... I SUCK! I hear its awesome. I need some magic in my life desperately.

ok I have work tonight. whatever. I don't really feel like working... good thing cause I do "nothing" at my job... I'll just leave it at that ha.

Alright laters,


Friday, November 19, 2010

Favourite Photostream 1: Nick De Wolf Photo Archive Photostream

teradyne 1960s-08

I really enjoy looking at photos, I spend so much time just looking at photos and enjoying them. They're are so many people online who take the medium of photography and really confirm it as an art form.

I'm obviously a fan of Flickr and on their Facebook page they just posted the Nick DeWolf Photo Archive Photostream

Its really amazing. What it is, is an archive of Nick De Wolf (avid photographer) photos uploaded and digitized by his son-in-law dating back to the 1950s through his life.  There are 43,450 photos in the stream as of now and so many of them are gems. My favourite so far are the ones taken in the 70s. Its just so great to see portraits from that era especially the many candids and action shots. I love the clothes and how the colours look on film, they're both dated helps tell the story of the the picture and adds to the context. 

Here are some of my favourites. Hope you go to The Flickr and look through them. They're really fantastic
Nick DeWolf Photo Archive Photostream



Melissa B

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's just this thing about ya...

Heres some drawings I did on faces and random people. They're pretty fun. Expecially to do on the subway.

but yeah they're all not rad.

I feel so barf.

I don't wanna be an ass. I think I am sometimes. Sorry.

Melba Moore is my favourite. I love her so much. Some of her songs could make me tear up. They're fun and rad and have so much soul. I love how she was such a force of funk and also a woman, but I don't love her for being a woman. Her music is too awesome to attach just to her gender. One time she emailed me back from me sending her a fangirl message. haha it made me almost cry.

To Melba:

"hello Ms.Moore.
I just wanted to tell you how much your music means to me. Really after this hard year its been the thing thats kept me going and made me even more a fan of funk music. Even being 23 and listening to them its like the freshest thing I've ever heard.

every new song I find I enjoy more than the last. Loving your music has become part of my identity really... that sounds weird but its true.

thank you so much,

Melissa B"

from Melba: 

"Melissa yes i read my own mail its me sweetheart lol
Bless you love Melba Moore"

 can you believe that melba LOL'd me? hahahha wow. I suck. But Melba rules... *Sigh*.

For some reason Blogger isn't letting me stop typing in italics.... sooo... i guess we both have to bear it...

Ok Ill stop just rambling about everything that comes to my head now.

Hope all is well,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stelleconfuse (Ita) Vs Melissa B (Can)

Heres a collaboration I did with Stelleconfuse for his Plant a tree project. All I did was draw in his design and he made it rad. COOL!

Can someone tell me something? I'm bored. I was up since 3 from doing a lab report.... totally my fault but yeah I got It done and I think I did pretty well.

I'm going to see a pre screening of Monsters tonight with a 2 of my sisters and maybe one of my sisters friend. It looks pretty dumb so maybe it will surprise me... but probably not. I'll tell you if it was good.

ok later,



Surprise! MONSTERS SUCKED. ew my low expectations weren't even reached. some of the shots were beautiful but yeah, soooo boring... you'd expect a movie about monsters to have monsters in it for more than 10 minutes of the movie... Mostly It was about the surprise relationship these two people build while fleeing monster filled Mexico to America.... so many things don't make sense at all. I don't want to give too much of it away but really there isn't secret or plot twist to spoil so I guess I'm good. I thought the main actor was great and funny. I believed what he was selling me for the most part. As for the main actress... wow... most of her serious scenes I nervously laughed.... I'm sure they're beautiful girls who are also great actresses out there... somewhere (everywhere)

But yeah... the movie was not scary at all, nor was it thrilling in any capacity... the scariest part was when (spoiler) This old crazy woman toting a cart stared at the camera for a while then randomly yelled and walked away trailing off saying "three blind mice" honestly... that was the scariest part... and really, it was just funny.

Probably people who like this movie think I'm too stupid to get it... but I dont think so... it was a pretty simple movie... the starting is really the forseen ending and they die... The monsters use radiowaves or television radiation for energy, and communicate with light..... I don't know whatelse there is to get. If its the chemistry between the main actors.... yes you're right I didn't get that.

Don't get me wrong there were some funny parts in the movie, but that just made it seem like that was just an intro for the action that never came. I think due to the waiting around for all the action the movie seemed longer than it was... it felt super long,

Ok so yeah... Monsters sucked....Goodnight.... bye.... Mels....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shuffle Nov. 9th 2010

shuffle from my dopi .

"Change of Heart" - Change

What a smooth song by Change. just awesome. Makes me smile.  Sometimes I just wanna listen to songs like this for hours and forget about life.... make that all the time.

"There's a Fire" - OK Go

This used to be my favourite OK Go song. Now theres too many favourites. I love this song, which is strange because it reminds me of being a teenager...

"Sugar Daddy" - Success

Hahahhaha This song makes me laugh.
Its just too great. Fun and adorable. Poor guy, he's right why would anyone ever want to be called sugar daddy?

"Ain't too proud to beg" - The Temptationss

awwwww <3 I love the Temptations so much.

"Turnin' Me on" Mstrkrft Remix

This song makes me laugh too. MSTRKRFT made it so much fun. Poor Lil' Wayne. his life is so hard. = P

That was fun.

Now I'm bored again... shit.


Mel B

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movies my dad like...

Heres a quick sample of the movies my Dad likes.

Chronicles of Riddick
Why do I hate this movie so much? Actually I know why, Vin Diesel. Even watching this as a teenager I thought he was the lamest action star I'd ever seen, and I've seen (and loved) so many lame action stars. Also the monsters aren't really that scary. Maybe its the horrible special effects? I've had to endure this movie way too many times, aka, every time its on TV.

 woah, WOAH! This is one we share a deep love for, I've seen Terminator II more times then I can count,  was raised on this movie, Dad did good with this one. Still one of my favourite movies, nothing to complain about, Thanks Dad.

Rush Hour

Mom likes this one too. Its ok as a buddy cop movie and to watch like one time... but thats not what happens when a movie is liked by both Mom AND Dad.... 
Whats so funny about Chris Tucker pretending to be Chinese? apparently alot, maybe I haven't gotten the genius to these moves and my Dad is just trying to show me the light. (by the way I <3 Jackie Chan)

Are We There Yet?
... This is on TV everyday... and everyday my dad finds it funny.... Oh. My. God. Probably worst on the list of movies my dad likes... 
Premise is simple enough: 
Ice  Cube meets a lady who has kids. Kids are evil. Kids try to kill ice cube. Ice cube talks to a bobble head for 45 minutes...


:-( Do iI really have to explain this one? WHY?! If I have to watch water world again i dont know what I'd do. KEVIN COSTNER?! NO DAD!

In all honesty my dad really does like alot of great movies as well... Hes cemented my love for explosions and throat knifings early on so I am forever thankful for his "good" taste.

thats all for now.

your friend,

Melissa B

Monday, November 1, 2010



wow. I'm writing a blog... what is this shizz...

but yeah should be fun.

The name is "waiting for Jah to fill I cup" ... its a lyric from that reggae song sung by Cocoa Tea I posted before. its a pretty great lyric. kind of like the theme of my life so far. I do a lot of waiting around. Just for anything. Hah I guess a depressing life theme but unfortunately it matches pretty well with me.
Cocoa Tea is pretty amazing.

My favourite reggae song ever though is probably "Curley Locks" by Junior Byles. Its just so great it feels so sweet and innocent even though its about a drunken father who wont let his daughter play with a kid with dreads...

"Curley Locks" - Junior Byles

Dennis Brown is another favourite, he always gives me chills. I've watched this youtube of an interview with him answering questions and singing acapella a million times and it just breaks my heart that hes not around... I just wanna be his fan and stalk him. I almost picked "Too much informers, too much talebearers" from the Dennis Brown song "Wolf and Leopard"  as the title to the blog but decided i didn't want to seem too paranoid...

hope if someone reads this, that they're well.