Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's just this thing about ya...

Heres some drawings I did on faces and random people. They're pretty fun. Expecially to do on the subway.

but yeah they're all not rad.

I feel so barf.

I don't wanna be an ass. I think I am sometimes. Sorry.

Melba Moore is my favourite. I love her so much. Some of her songs could make me tear up. They're fun and rad and have so much soul. I love how she was such a force of funk and also a woman, but I don't love her for being a woman. Her music is too awesome to attach just to her gender. One time she emailed me back from me sending her a fangirl message. haha it made me almost cry.

To Melba:

"hello Ms.Moore.
I just wanted to tell you how much your music means to me. Really after this hard year its been the thing thats kept me going and made me even more a fan of funk music. Even being 23 and listening to them its like the freshest thing I've ever heard.

every new song I find I enjoy more than the last. Loving your music has become part of my identity really... that sounds weird but its true.

thank you so much,

Melissa B"

from Melba: 

"Melissa yes i read my own mail its me sweetheart lol
Bless you love Melba Moore"

 can you believe that melba LOL'd me? hahahha wow. I suck. But Melba rules... *Sigh*.

For some reason Blogger isn't letting me stop typing in italics.... sooo... i guess we both have to bear it...

Ok Ill stop just rambling about everything that comes to my head now.

Hope all is well,


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