Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stelleconfuse (Ita) Vs Melissa B (Can)

Heres a collaboration I did with Stelleconfuse for his Plant a tree project. All I did was draw in his design and he made it rad. COOL!

Can someone tell me something? I'm bored. I was up since 3 from doing a lab report.... totally my fault but yeah I got It done and I think I did pretty well.

I'm going to see a pre screening of Monsters tonight with a 2 of my sisters and maybe one of my sisters friend. It looks pretty dumb so maybe it will surprise me... but probably not. I'll tell you if it was good.

ok later,



Surprise! MONSTERS SUCKED. ew my low expectations weren't even reached. some of the shots were beautiful but yeah, soooo boring... you'd expect a movie about monsters to have monsters in it for more than 10 minutes of the movie... Mostly It was about the surprise relationship these two people build while fleeing monster filled Mexico to America.... so many things don't make sense at all. I don't want to give too much of it away but really there isn't secret or plot twist to spoil so I guess I'm good. I thought the main actor was great and funny. I believed what he was selling me for the most part. As for the main actress... wow... most of her serious scenes I nervously laughed.... I'm sure they're beautiful girls who are also great actresses out there... somewhere (everywhere)

But yeah... the movie was not scary at all, nor was it thrilling in any capacity... the scariest part was when (spoiler) This old crazy woman toting a cart stared at the camera for a while then randomly yelled and walked away trailing off saying "three blind mice" honestly... that was the scariest part... and really, it was just funny.

Probably people who like this movie think I'm too stupid to get it... but I dont think so... it was a pretty simple movie... the starting is really the forseen ending and they die... The monsters use radiowaves or television radiation for energy, and communicate with light..... I don't know whatelse there is to get. If its the chemistry between the main actors.... yes you're right I didn't get that.

Don't get me wrong there were some funny parts in the movie, but that just made it seem like that was just an intro for the action that never came. I think due to the waiting around for all the action the movie seemed longer than it was... it felt super long,

Ok so yeah... Monsters sucked....Goodnight.... bye.... Mels....

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