Friday, November 26, 2010

Shuffle Nov 26th 2010

I put my dopi on shuffle:

1. "Dance So Fine" - Nijel
hahaI love this song. Its so cheesy and great. So much fun. The voice is on the verge of being angry and crying at the same time. Then comes in the demanding robot.  <3  honestly though. super fun.

2. "Heads will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeah's

I'm in love with Karen O. If I could be one other person in this world it would be her... this song is rad too. the video was pretty cute.

 3. "The Grid" - Daft Punk Tron soundtrack
.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 .... I mean.... <3

Love's Train4. "Too Tight"  - Con funk shun
Another great older song. This one isn't as cheesy but still super fun. The guitars are dancy and the lyrics are way cute.

Million dollar feelin', comes all over my bodeh! oh finger too the ceiling! so in love with you honey. <3

5. "Don't Make Me Over" - Dionne Warwick

Gosh the all of the class left in the world resides all in Miss Dionne Warwick.

This was a shitty blog sorry. It was fun for me though... so there.

I haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie yet.... I SUCK! I hear its awesome. I need some magic in my life desperately.

ok I have work tonight. whatever. I don't really feel like working... good thing cause I do "nothing" at my job... I'll just leave it at that ha.

Alright laters,


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