Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shuffle Nov. 9th 2010

shuffle from my dopi .

"Change of Heart" - Change

What a smooth song by Change. just awesome. Makes me smile.  Sometimes I just wanna listen to songs like this for hours and forget about life.... make that all the time.

"There's a Fire" - OK Go

This used to be my favourite OK Go song. Now theres too many favourites. I love this song, which is strange because it reminds me of being a teenager...

"Sugar Daddy" - Success

Hahahhaha This song makes me laugh.
Its just too great. Fun and adorable. Poor guy, he's right why would anyone ever want to be called sugar daddy?

"Ain't too proud to beg" - The Temptationss

awwwww <3 I love the Temptations so much.

"Turnin' Me on" Mstrkrft Remix

This song makes me laugh too. MSTRKRFT made it so much fun. Poor Lil' Wayne. his life is so hard. = P

That was fun.

Now I'm bored again... shit.


Mel B

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