Monday, November 1, 2010



wow. I'm writing a blog... what is this shizz...

but yeah should be fun.

The name is "waiting for Jah to fill I cup" ... its a lyric from that reggae song sung by Cocoa Tea I posted before. its a pretty great lyric. kind of like the theme of my life so far. I do a lot of waiting around. Just for anything. Hah I guess a depressing life theme but unfortunately it matches pretty well with me.
Cocoa Tea is pretty amazing.

My favourite reggae song ever though is probably "Curley Locks" by Junior Byles. Its just so great it feels so sweet and innocent even though its about a drunken father who wont let his daughter play with a kid with dreads...

"Curley Locks" - Junior Byles

Dennis Brown is another favourite, he always gives me chills. I've watched this youtube of an interview with him answering questions and singing acapella a million times and it just breaks my heart that hes not around... I just wanna be his fan and stalk him. I almost picked "Too much informers, too much talebearers" from the Dennis Brown song "Wolf and Leopard"  as the title to the blog but decided i didn't want to seem too paranoid...

hope if someone reads this, that they're well.



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