Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movies my dad like...

Heres a quick sample of the movies my Dad likes.

Chronicles of Riddick
Why do I hate this movie so much? Actually I know why, Vin Diesel. Even watching this as a teenager I thought he was the lamest action star I'd ever seen, and I've seen (and loved) so many lame action stars. Also the monsters aren't really that scary. Maybe its the horrible special effects? I've had to endure this movie way too many times, aka, every time its on TV.

 woah, WOAH! This is one we share a deep love for, I've seen Terminator II more times then I can count,  was raised on this movie, Dad did good with this one. Still one of my favourite movies, nothing to complain about, Thanks Dad.

Rush Hour

Mom likes this one too. Its ok as a buddy cop movie and to watch like one time... but thats not what happens when a movie is liked by both Mom AND Dad.... 
Whats so funny about Chris Tucker pretending to be Chinese? apparently alot, maybe I haven't gotten the genius to these moves and my Dad is just trying to show me the light. (by the way I <3 Jackie Chan)

Are We There Yet?
... This is on TV everyday... and everyday my dad finds it funny.... Oh. My. God. Probably worst on the list of movies my dad likes... 
Premise is simple enough: 
Ice  Cube meets a lady who has kids. Kids are evil. Kids try to kill ice cube. Ice cube talks to a bobble head for 45 minutes...


:-( Do iI really have to explain this one? WHY?! If I have to watch water world again i dont know what I'd do. KEVIN COSTNER?! NO DAD!

In all honesty my dad really does like alot of great movies as well... Hes cemented my love for explosions and throat knifings early on so I am forever thankful for his "good" taste.

thats all for now.

your friend,

Melissa B

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