100 things about me.

1. I like doodling.

2. I'm pretty sure "hound dog" by Elvis was my first favourite song.

3. I don't understand how I've gone through the things I have but I still think of myself as weak.

4. If I'm in a group I prefer listening than actually speaking. I think that comes from being shy all my life, but I'm not as shy now and I still like sticking in the background. I'd call myself and observer if i were more observant.

5. I hate the movie Fight club.

6. One day I hope i know exactly what I want , because as of now my future is a dark scary void.

7. I like to think of myself as creative... but as a kid and even now I named all my toys and pets exactly what they were. my stuffed dog was named doggie, my barbie was named barbie and even now my bunnys main name is "bunny"

8. One day I want to meet Prince.

9. One day I'll meet Prince.

10. I didn't really listen to music until i was a senior in highschool, now I feel like stabbing people if I don't have my mp3player.

11. I'm one of the most  secretly jealous people ever.

12. I live with the guilt of bringing a frog home from elementary school thinking i could keep it as a pet and having to leave it on my lawn cause it freaked my mom out and the probability of it not surviving the day.

13. Really great Guacamole can make me cry.

14. Despite living in it my whole life, I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold weather.

15. I like wearing things that have a lot of personality to make up for my shortcomings in that area.

16. I suck at deciding things.

17. I've met a few of my idols.

18. I don't eat seafood because of a traumatic experience... but I have no problem fishing.

19. I don't see a problem with living with your parents your whole life.

20. I love playing vinyl records at home.

21. Spelling and Ludacris are my mortal enemies.

22. I've watched every "The Adventures of Tintin" episode... I plan on sifting through my childhood and rewatching everything.

23. I took Calculus in University 4 times. (I finally passed WUTT!)

24. I've always wished I knew another language.

25. I think and worry about my sisters way more than normal and they do of me.

26. Fried Over easy coated in black pepper and a tiny sprinkle of salt is my favourite way to eat eggs.

27. I like to wear hats even though they make my head look massive and even more unattractive.

28. When I'm at home I spend most of my time  in bed.

29. Its easy for me to become secret fans of people I hardly know.... I'll never tell them but I'll follow their work.

30. I like things that others usually find tacky.

31. I have horrible interpersonal skills.

32. I'm a weakling but I've surprised even myself when I have stepped up to protect things I care for.

33. Theres one really important good thing I helped do so far in my life, and if thats the best thing I ever do, I'm ok with that.

34. I doubt I'll ever go outside of Canada or the USA.

35. I dislike the music of the beatles...  but really like the Monkees.

36. Im not where I wanted to be when I was a kid.

37. I still feel like a kid.

38. I admire people who are compassionate and understanding of disagreeable people, but I'm too easily hurt and angered by words to ever be one.

39. I think the most disgusting thing i've ever seen is a dog throwing up a pickle...

40. I don't really hold grudges that long... but I remember if you've wronged me and always take that in consideration when I have to deal with you.

41. I collect fortune cookie fortunes in an old glass coke bottle on my dresser so I can read my own fortune whenever I please.

42. I can't make a paper crane, but I'm kick ass at Origami Dragons and handkerchief folding

43. I take things way more personally then I let on.

44. I was raised on Action films.

45. I was raised on Land Before Time.

46. when I was a young kid my mom rented The horror movie Leprechan about an axe killer Leprechan and innocently and unknowingly put it on for my little sisters and I to watch... It scarred me for life.

47. I get teary eyed at the corniest, lamest commercials.
anything with kids or aloof animals and Ill be balling for hours.

48. I don't drink, no its not for religious reasons, no I didn't have a bad experience, no I don't wanna try some.

49. I don't do drugs.

50. I don't care if you drink or do drugs.... unless I love you, then please don't do drugs because they fuck you up and theres no point in being a shit head and fucking your life up... but I don't care otherwise.

51. Avatar was meh at best.

52. Sometimes people laugh at my jokes and I'm genuinely surprised and amazed.

53. People forget I'm a girl sometimes, If i'm the only girl in the room I end up hearing alot of things I don't want to hear... (not saying i don't look like one... I guess I'm either one of the guys or the girl that doesn't count.)

54. when I encounter insects by surprise I sometimes involuntarily shriek loudly

55. I didn't have my own room until my early twenties.

56. I have really long hair that goes past my waist.

57. The first concert I've ever seen was OK Go at the Mod club, (not including a 2 song performance of Nickleback I saw when I went to see Conan when he came to Toronto.

58. I've seen OK Go in perform 5 times.

59 The best concert I've ever been to was Daft Punk at Arrow Hall in 2007

60. My sister and parents and I have a code name for weed/the smell of it, "Daft Punk" (see #59 and #49)

61. I got braces in my first year of university, I still wear a retainer every night.

62. I have a clone.

63. Its really taking me long to think of a 100 different things to say about myself.

64. I love drawing in moleskines.

65. peeling nailpolish off your fingernails is soooo much fun.

66. I sometimes wish I was more of a Girly Girl than I am.

67. Every year I watch "Its a wonderful life" and every year it makes me cry bucket loads.

68. I'm not smart, but because I wear glasses and am quiet, people often assume so.

69. I have a wax banana, A dinosaurs "not the momma" mcdonalds toy, russian stacking dolls and an Ebony magazine with prince on the cover (and More!) in my room.

70.  My clan animal in elementary school was a beaver.

71.  Yves St. Laurent perfume always reminds me of my Grandma.  <3

72. My dad implanted a love for action movies in me from an early age.

73. My mother implanted a love for Flowers and greenery and fine things from an early age.

74. I'm always up for cheesecake.

75. I'm conflicted.

76. I like giving hugs to my friends and family

77. i like taking pictures of random things

78. I like random things

79. I prefer text messaging to actually talking on the phone.

80. For my 24th (last) birthday I got a gold coloured Seiko watch. Its the best thing I own. I plan to have it for the rest of my life, need to atleast match the number of years my dad has has his Seiko.

81. I just saw Tron and it was rad as shit!

82. I love Juice

83. Five alive is my favourite Juice.

84. I often experience hypnic jerks.

85. my favourite flowers are Tiger lilies.

86. I miss doing meanial tasks like in elementary school.

87. 2011 probably won't be my year.

88. at this moment i'm addicted to scrabble on my ipod touch....

89. this list has takent me at least 1 month to get up to this number...

90. I'm great at assisting when it comes to home repair and construction work.

91. I really like tiles.

92. If I ever got a tattoo it would be song lyrics from my favourite Death From Above 1979 song along my wrist.... Its cheesy and cliche.... but i've wanted them forever and its a good spot cause they  can be hidden by my watch.

93. sometimes i dress like an old man

94. I took French horn in grade school... and was probably the worst person to ever try and play a french horn.

95. the most disgusting thing to ever happen to me occurred at Black Creek Pioneer village.

96. I'm scared of strangers

97. I'm trusting of people I hardly know.

98. I like 3D movies... I hardly pay to watch movies unless they're 3D

99. I wish I was more like Melba Moore... aka awesome.

100. I've kissed Thomas Mars. not even shitting you.


  1. Hey! love ur list :) it made me laugh and reminisce...and it inspired me to do my own. I wonder how far i'll get.

  2. I'm pretty good...no complaints! u?