Sunday, March 18, 2012

I love Prince

I love prince so much.

if you own any of these photos and want me to take them down just email me. or comment. I found all of these photos on google images so sorry I didn't mean to take your image I'll delete it if you want.

but yeah.

Prince O(-l-> forever <3


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I met an owl.

My life is the best.

I pet an owl. an owl guys...

an owl named Ruby.... probably the only female i've ever been in awe of. I heart you Ruby!

Ruby the owl

Ruby the owl

Its Hard to believe but thats probably the only thing of importance to update this blog with since last time... hahah since November.... wow. I guess I'm lazy and busy at work/school/life.

OH I'll post some drawings thats what I'll do...

Prime time of your life moleskine pages 49 and 50 another

moleskine pages 45 and 46 "dats"

moleskinee pages 51, 52

moleskine pages 37,38

Always and forever Moleskine pages 29,30

well those are the ones I like the best since last time.

But yeah I've been posting more regularly at my tumblr

ok well laters.

Melissa B