Friday, November 19, 2010

Favourite Photostream 1: Nick De Wolf Photo Archive Photostream

teradyne 1960s-08

I really enjoy looking at photos, I spend so much time just looking at photos and enjoying them. They're are so many people online who take the medium of photography and really confirm it as an art form.

I'm obviously a fan of Flickr and on their Facebook page they just posted the Nick DeWolf Photo Archive Photostream

Its really amazing. What it is, is an archive of Nick De Wolf (avid photographer) photos uploaded and digitized by his son-in-law dating back to the 1950s through his life.  There are 43,450 photos in the stream as of now and so many of them are gems. My favourite so far are the ones taken in the 70s. Its just so great to see portraits from that era especially the many candids and action shots. I love the clothes and how the colours look on film, they're both dated helps tell the story of the the picture and adds to the context. 

Here are some of my favourites. Hope you go to The Flickr and look through them. They're really fantastic
Nick DeWolf Photo Archive Photostream



Melissa B


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