Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New stickers

Heres some scans of some stickers I made. Mostly on the subway. Funnn. I thought maybe it would be cool that if someone talked to me about my drawings or liked them I could give them one with my name and flickr site on the back. But no one on the subway has yet... :( I have sent a few to my friends on flickr who collect stickers though. I'm gonna send some to a few of these sticker exhibitions, maybe if they like them they'll be up in the respective galleries.

Mel B

The first 3 stickers are from Change songs. I've posted a song from them before I'm sure. I really like Change. They have soo many songs and so many really great ones.

UUU RRR MY MEL..... ody. <3

Hahah im such a strange girl. I'm glad I like such cheesy/classy amazing songs.

Honestly though, how could you listen to that song and not forget all the shit going on in your life for atleast a few seconds.

Hope all is well,


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