Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ultimate X-mas Wishlist!


I'm going to wish for insanely rad things I could never have now.

1. Trampoline room.

I've wanted one of these ever since I saw that Dharma and Greg episode where it showed her childhood room.
It was just a massive room with a trampoline for a floor...

It would be rad. Imagine opening your door just to step onto a trampoline. of course Id need a bigger room, a really high padded ceiling and like a net to catch me before I hit the walls and propel me back onto the trampoline floor for infinite bouncing. Actually theres no way i could do anything in that room other than trampoline, I think id have to extend my house and just use that  room for purely trampolining.

By the way i tried looking this up on google and apparently it doesn't exist. what does exist are scary ass rooms with trampolines side by side with the metal beams covered by foam......... AH! talk about scary shit! foam can't stop metal beams from breaking your spine once you land on them!

2. Five alive drinking fountain

Five alive is like the nectar of the gods. Its my favourite fruit drink.... just  soooo goood.

A drinking fountain with just chilled five alive would be amazing. definitely worthy of being on this list.

Heres a schematic I made:
see how it equals love?

haha this one actually exists...  Serigraphie Populaire make such gorgeous amazing work! I've been in love with their prints and posters forever.

For 500$  "We are once again offering a print subscription for 2010. Subscribers get one copy of EVERYTHING we make during the year starting January 1st. Posters , prints , books and zines"

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! gosh I don't know what I'd do with all that awesome but what a great collection it would be. I'd buy it if I had my own home.... and could afford it....

4. Pierre Hardys

I have to wish for this everytime! one day I'll be rich enough to afford these... or just give in and drive myself to the poor house.

but yeah awesome!

I know alot of people hate christmas music.... But I pretty much love it. Just the beginning of November is a bit much and they can get annoying expescially if you listen to the radio alot.

Ill post some rad holiday songs randomly through December. They're slightly different from the traditional ones. But they're pretty great still.

I can't find this... I guess It got killed when my computer died.... this is the best youtube video though....

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - "Anunciation Day/Born On Christmas Day"

 Hahah. You know that ruled.

Merry Holidays,


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