Monday, December 6, 2010

Karen Ohhhh holy night


All I want for Christmas is for you to be here, to warm me up with kisses and cheer...

"All I want for Christmas" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

about 2 weeks off werk. But exams start soon....

SAW HARRY POTTERZ. it was rad. so much scarier than the other movies. I read the book sooooo long ago and had forgotten things that happen in it.... the first half of the book was pretty boring to me... like it was semi agonizing to read. The movie seemed to cut down on that and still have the effect of sticking with the story. But yeah I don't think anyone who didn't read the books or haven't been caught up with the other movies would have liked it, cause it would be difficult to follow if you don't know all the characters. whatever the movie was rad. NEVILLEEE <3 my favourite character was in it for a few seconds also.

I just finished watching like a Nevermind the Buzzcocks marathon, I hadn't seen the new season at all so just watched like 6 episodes on youtube with my clone. They're all pretty farking hilarious. FAVOURITE EPISODE SO FAR:


my only Christmas wish is for you to be near,


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