Friday, December 17, 2010

A[(n) Angsty] Christmas...

"A Blue Christmas" - Bright Eyes

"Little Drummer Boy" - Bright Eyes

"Silver Bells" - Bright Eyes

I don't really like listening to traditional Christmas songs because sometimes they can be sooo Christ-y it can feel overbearing.... Its strange that I grew up listening to them though... (being Muslim and all...) but they still are beautiful and take me back to being a kid on Christmas day and playing with my Popples or walkie doggie or spirograph or Sky dancer.... or eating rumcake

I mean I wasn't listening to the bright eyes version... usually the random calypso/ anne murray ones my dad has... but these can serve the purpose, and are much more angsty.

Hope all is well and you're almost done all of your xmas shopping.



ps... this is the popple I had... <3

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