Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moleskine Marketplace

Moleskine pages 12, 13

Hey moleskine just opened a new site called Moleskine Marketplace.

"A new kind of social ecommerce platform that allows you to purchase one-of-a-kind, customized notebooks, journals and planners directly from Artists and fans of Moleskine notebooks!"

I'm featured on the site as an artist and I have a cahier for sale.

Its a pretty rad site. I aggreed to be one of the founding artists because I'm totally inlove with moleskines. They're most definately my favourite place to doodle. I've completed  Moleskine #1 and am working on   Moleskine #2 right now.  <3

Theres actually a few things i wanted to say as i've been disregarding this blog.

most recent...


She was a gorgeous lady, like really pretty. Sad to hear shes gone. I always admired her unapologetic love of jewelry.  I share that love ha... but obviously not to the extreme extents she had the means to go to. 


I radded out my new computer...


its so rad. A new Sony EB laptop. bigger than i wanted to get, and way more expensive but I got helped out a bit from my Nana, I'm really grateful for that because I would have ended up with a really crappy netbook again.

So yeah maybe you might cringe at this picutre but it makes me happy:

I know you're jealous!

look at my Troll Wizard... I know  Charlie Sheens head would explode from how much of an oxymoron that is.  Also the pun stickers and fuzzy jungle cats and unicorns make me happy.

I raided my prized childhood possession (sticker book) for all the stickers. 
Liz from the magic school bus approves!

ok ill stop being a stewpid idiot now. (I miss Billy elliot)

laters peepios,


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