Monday, April 18, 2011

Stuffss ... cool


so its been busy as shit lately. theres a few things i guess i should put up on my blog.

ok firstly heres a photo of my submission to 6X6X2011. I've talked about it previously, its this rad annual project the Rochester Contemporary Art Center puts on for fundraising . I really hope my submission gets sold and makes some money for them. I wont talk much more about it on this blog but you can learn more about it at thier 6X6 site or on my 6X6X2011 blog entry.

My school experienced a bombthreat right in the middle of one of my exams. yeah. it was a barrel of laughs. expecially since i was almost finished my exam and the prof made it one I could actually pass. Also it was super awesome having to wait outside in the rain for 45 minutes to learn that it was canceled and would be rescheduled...

but yeah im really pissed off about this. it not only extends my time in school for the year, but I already was scheduled to work on the day im supposed to have my new exam... so yeah woo.

oh yeah one other thing I guess is worth mentioning is that I saw a charlie scheen performance when he came to toronto..... Please keep reading I didnt pay for the ticket, my cousin had an extra one and he kindly invited me along.

I guess it was fun in a way because i got to hang out with my cousin... but in a larger lamer way the show felt so unprofessional and just like Russel Peters was just pulling shit out of his ass to ask Charlie Sheen. And what made me feel shame is that everyone else ate that shit up. like I wasn't getting it. like i wish i understood what was so great and what warranted the cheers after the short 1hour show that ended with a showing of a Snoop dog music video....

someone should explain it to me. Its not like I havent enjoyed his other interviews of him being messed the shit up... or not like i've not found a vice in his ustream videos...

ok.. well bye.


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