Friday, January 7, 2011


life is pretty shit.

i don't understand why most of the time but yeah, pretty shit.

school started again and its the 2nd day and I feel like

haha i'm in the cafeteria cause my morning class got cancelled and theres drama

apparently someone said that they would cover someones shift and now they are saying they never said that.... hairnets are about to fly haha.

but yeah.  its the 2nd day and I feel like overwhelmed.

Guys. the Jersey Shore is horrible. don't watch that, instead watch reailty cake shows... or reality pawn shop shows or shows about southern vampires, they're slightly less brain degenerating.

I think most of my anger these days stems from my lack of mp3 player. Future Shop sucks so hard. Their warranty policies are bullshit and change every day it seems. When asking questions about my warranty 3 different people said 3 completly different things. I've emailed them twice even telling them my qualms of a specific clerk and I haven't recieved a reply...
 I was promised i could get a new one instore after 4 returns for a problem and now i might get a refurbished unit? How is that fair? whatever I'm done with them. I've had to go months in total listening to the noisy bullshit that is public transit.

I can't listen to another conversation about :
angry birds
some girl named Jamila who apparently is a bitch
the colour and texture of a random womans .... um cold.
the weather, hey guys apparently its cold in canada
anything said by girls aged 14 - 20 years

Listening to people is making me hate humanity. I was so much more happier when all I could hear was Luther Vandross. I believed in people back then....

People suck. I like you though. and Luther <3



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