Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I ain't got no soul

still don't have my ipod back. so thats total bullshit.

I'm not sure whats going on these days.

Im ill. Just a cold but its really crappy. Just feel like a mucousy shell.

I've been watching Six Feet Under  alot with my clone. We just finished watching the whole 1st season. Its soooo goood... I know .... i'm 10 years late, but yeah 10 years ago I couldn't have watched that show, I would have found it way too distrubing... I mean 10 years ago my favourite and most risque show I watched was Breaker High...

I really like the show True Blood (last season was way too redonkeykong to love as much as the first but thats another story) and my clone is in love with the show Dexter. long story short we both hate each others favourite current shows. It just ends up with us watching them alone and it soo much more better when you have someone you can talk to about it and discuss characters or make predictions to.

Ive watched like 3 episodes of Dexter and I just can't like it... I mean technically it has everything I love storywise in it, Serial killers, mystery, secrets etc. but theres something about the Dexter character that I find annoying or maybe just too contradictory.  Dexters supposed to be a psychopath but he still feels love? he still cries? I think they try to make him likable to a point that i find him unlikable. Dexter seems so unrealistic for that character... I mean I try not to knock new interesting characters and I get sucked into characters that are obviously unreal (ie. a vampire lovin fairy...) so maybe im the one contradicting myself.  I think though I'd like the show more if Dexter wasn't as likable. I mean he is a serial killer,but a vigilante one, and at least give him some flaws that aren't related to his gory past. Its like everything wrong with him is not his fault.

I DID watch 3 or so episodes just to make sure i didn't like it and thats more than i can say of my clone. I think shes watched like quarter an episode of True blood and gave up. Thats completely unfair.

Back on topic.... oh yeah Six Feet Under. Its like Dexter and true blood combined. Its Created by Alan Ball (The same guy who made True Blood) and one of the main characters is Michael C. Hall aka Dexter. You'd think we'd both hate it but because its so unlike any show we've ever watched we just have to be intrigued. I used to think I just didn't like Micheal C. Hall s acting style and thats why Dexter lacked for me but I'm totally in awe of it after just one season of Six feet under.

The Brenda character almost made me stop watching the show. The first few episodes her her parts really dragged and felt so sleazy and annoying, but she really got better and now I'm completely attached to all of the characters.

So yeah im excited for the next season of Six Feet Under! don't worry its not 2002 again.... I'm just really late...

Btw, I like the rumble strips.

"No Soul " - The Rumble Strips



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