Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry New Year.

spent new years watching movies just my mom n dad n I and stuff

I saw little fockers or whatever the fock its called and tangled.

both were alright. little fockers was what i expected it to be... not enough of the kids though they were pretty funny and I expected them to be a bigger part of the movie from the title. the ben stiller/ owen wilson thing is still amusing though so I would call it an ok movie. fun but not fun enough to actually go to the movies like I did though, maybe rent or you know... internet it if your bored.

tangled was actually pretty cute. I expected it to be more kiddy and boring but the chameleon was funny and the horse character reminded me of the horse in mulan or other kid movies, so those were fun. The ending was pretty ridiculous but it is a children s movie so it doesn't have to be too intelligent. I liked that it was a musical also, more animated movies today need songs in them. I mean what are you gonna sing when you grow up to have a laugh and remember the olde days if theres no animated musicals lying about the house.

we when my clone came home from work I watched Junior with her... as it was on the teevee and we hadnt seen it since we were kiddies. Danny Devito is like a maven. like arnold is pregnant, a nerd, cross dressing and gorging himself on food in this movie and my favourite part is still Danny Devito.

just finished making a 100 things about me page... it took like 2 months haha, guess theres not a lot about me.or you know i gotta think really hard. also its pretty much a cop out at the end.

ok hope you have a great new year, good luck and best wishes.


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