Friday, January 21, 2011


this isnt news but yeah Death From Above 1979 are apparently back <3

I remember when i found out they had ended and how devestated I was. well I figured it out a bit before jfk finally made a staement but still It hurt my soul.

Death From Above 1979 was like my band. Their albums were closest to my heart for such a long time.

I have a feeling their reunion is more for money than anything due to the way they broke up but ill take it. Hopefully I can finally see them live. I've seen both MSTRKRFT and Seb and the Mountains live quite a few times and they were both rad. 

The first time I was in a car alone (aka practicing parking in a parking lot ha) i put Heads up on and blasted it, really helps get all the blood pumping and the cursing going. Makes you feel invincible and unstoppable.

Im dying for DFA1979 to come back to toronto.



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